USAN is all about patient convenience, pain relief, and finding you the right accident doctor in Phoenix that accepts personal injury liens. You can lien on us!


Top 10 Reasons to Seek Treatment Through US Accident Network’s Accident Doctors in Phoenix


1. Convenience – USAN offers a comprehensive solution for your injury treatment with its Provider Network, Appointment Setting and Case Management. We take care of the scheduling headaches, so you can focus on simply getting better!

2. Quick – With USAN’s extensive Network and longstanding relationships, appointments are able to be set within 24 hours!Personal Injury Doctor Phoenix

3. Network – Whether you have injuries from your auto accident that need treatment with a pain doctor, dentist, gynecologist, orthopedic surgeon, opthalmologist and more, we will make it happen. Board Certified and tops in their respective fields, the USAN Network Providers offer expert and compassionate treatment and all accept personal injury liens!

4. Case Management – After your accident, you will have enough to worry about with insurance companies, body shop, your workplace in addition to your medical care. Let USAN handle your case from start to finish with setting up appointments, collecting your medical records, charge slips and working with your attorney. You relax and get better, we handle the busy work!

5. Imaging Centers – In the course of your medical work up you may need x-rays, a CT Scan or an MRI. Did you know a significant amount of imaging centers do NOT accept personal injury liens for these studies? The USAN Network consists of providers AND imaging centers that accept your personal injury lien, no questions asked!

6. Attorney Referrals – for years, Accident Medical Interventional Group has been working with the top Personal Injury Attorneys in Arizona. Should you need a referral for a complimentary consultation, USAN is able to provide you one to an experienced personal injury lawyer you can trust.

7. Expertise- USAN has extensive experience assisting patients in ALL aspects of personal injury cases. Rest assured knowing that Imaging on Lien PhoenixUSAN has the personnel to help with your treatment needs from “A to Z”.

8. Availability – when you have questions, USAN is available to assist. Your calls are returned, and you will have an assigned representative for the duration of your treatment.

9. Documentation – It is crucial that your documentation be thorough and completed. Otherwise, you may have difficulty when it comes time to properly settle your case. USAN facilitates the documentation with its veteran Network of providers and imaging centers.

10. Options – Not only does USAN have over 100 providers and imaging centers in the Network, there are often several providers in each specialty. This allows patients to receive quicker treatment, and often closer to one’s home.


And a Bonus reason:


11. Surgery Centers – Should you need a pain procedure or surgery, it is imperative that the Center accept your personal injury lien. Otherwise, there will be outstanding monies owed either by your personal insurance or worst of all… YOU! With USAN handling your case, rest assured that all procedures will be performed at Centers that accept liens.

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