Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Treatment on Lien for the Injured Patient in Phoenix AZ

Plastic surgery is often mistaken to be strictly cosmetic in nature, but the truth is, most of these procedures are not purely aesthetic. This type of surgery can actually be extremely useful in restoring and repairing the shape and operation of damaged body Plastic Surgeon on Lien Phoenixparts due to injury.


Reconstructive surgery falls under the umbrella of plastic surgery and is important in helping people recover from injury. Auto accidents may result in complicated lacerations, which can benefit tremendously by a plastic surgeon’s expertise. In addition, the resulting scars after accidents may need revisions to relieve pain and contractures.


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Breast Reconstructive Surgery


Reconstructive surgery consists of repairing damaged cells, tissue, and/or body parts that may have been injured in an accident or removed through treatment for other diseases. For example, following a mastectomy, a treatment option for breast cancer patients that involves removing the entire breast, breast reconstruction surgery is a common follow-up.


Breast reconstruction utilizes multiple plastic surgery techniques in an attempt to repair the shape, size, and form of the breast following treatment. While the breast may lose some sensation after reconstruction, the overall integrity of the breast will Phoenix personal injury plastic surgeonremain intact.


A part of breast reconstruction may involve growing extra skin to be used during the procedure. This process is called tissue expansion. Essentially, it involves a silicone balloon that inflates under the skin where the repairs need to occur and is progressively filled with salt water causing the skin to swell, stretch, and develop. Tissue expansion can actually be used in many other procedures as well, but is commonly used in breast reconstruction.


Scar Revision Surgery


One type of common reconstructive surgery is scar revision surgery, especially after an auto accident. A scar is an observable sign of wounds healing, and the healing process can be capricious. Sometimes wounds can heal in ways that cause unattractive scars and contractions.


Scar revision surgery is performed in order to reduce the appearance of a scar, so it blends in with the surrounding skin and is no longer a noticeable disfiguration. It may also help considerably with range of motion.


Treatment options can vary from simple surface treatments to slightly invasive procedures to advanced techniques, which aid in the closure of wounds. This will depend on the nature of the scar and the degree of scarring, however. While this type of reconstructive surgery is mainly for cosmetic purposes, there are instances in which injuries require more help in healing properly.


Reconstructive Hand Surgery


Another type of reconstructive surgery is hand surgery. Hand surgery is a way to mend any sort of injury in one’s hand. Hands are complex and highly important parts of the body, and hand surgery can help to increase strength, elasticity, and utility in it. Some common ailments that can be helped with hand surgery are: carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, Dupuytren’s contracture, and others.


Plastic Surgeon personal injury PhoenixHand surgery can be performed on people of any age, provided they meet other criteria that individualize the patient, which makes this form of reconstructive surgery extremely convenient to perform if hand injuries occur. Additionally, if the injury involves the loss of a finger, toe, or other small appendage, microsurgery can be used to reattach it without loss of function.


Burn Repair Surgery


In addition to reconstructive surgery for breast cancer patients, scar revision, and hand injuries, plastic surgery can be helpful in the treatment of burn injuries. However, severe burn wounds will have to undergo debriding prior to reconstruction.


A common treatment for burn patients is the use of skin grafts. During this procedure, a piece of skin is detached from area of the body is transferred to another in order to replace the affected tissue. Usually, the donor tissue is removed from a place that can be easily hidden such as the inner thigh or buttocks. Regardless of this, there is usually permanent scarring.




Following trauma, injuries can be healed through a number of different methods including plastic surgery. Mainly through reconstructive surgery, plastic surgical methods can be useful in maintaining the integrity of the affected area. Many different techniques are used to ensure that the affected body parts are repaired.


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