Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy on Lien for the Injured Patient in Phoenix AZ


You may be needing physical therapy if you find it painful to move around and perform your day to day tasks after an auto accident. Physical therapy helps to lessen the pain and improve your physical well-being. It makes daily tasks less painful, especially ones you perform many times during the day like going up and down the stairs, walking, or getting up after sitting. Additionally, physical therapy is a good treatment for injuries and may be combined with other treatments or used alone.Physical Therapy on Lien Phoenix


The person administering the physical therapy is called a physical therapist. After examination and questions about the symptoms, he or she will come up with a treatment plan that is suitable for you. The first goal is to reduce the pain and swelling by using techniques like application of hot and cold compress, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation. Next, in order to get you functioning as normal, the therapist will provide an exercise program. This, in most cases, is not strenuous, and it often includes stretching exercises, walking, and even weight-lifting to increase muscle strength.


USAN has assembled physical therapy clinics in Phoenix AZ that accept personal injury liens. After an auto accident, it can be difficult to receive appropriate PT under a personal injury claim. USAN has made that possible.


Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries


Many sportsmen suffer from injuries caused by repetitive stress. If this occurs, cease the activity immediately, and consult a doctor. The doctor may recommend physical therapy for such injuries. The treatment may include cold compresses or stretching exercises. If the exercise regimen is not too complicated, it can be done at home, but needs to be strictly followed as recommended by the doctor. The treatment plan may last a few months depending on the severity of the injury.


Physical Therapy for Knee Pain


There are some sports-related injuries or work injuries that cause ligament tears in the knees. For many patients, these injuries can be corrected by surgery followed by physical therapy. Strengthening exercises and motion restoration techniques are applied to bring the patient to normality.


Physical Therapy for Ankle Pain


Ankle sprains and post-surgical treatment can be managed by physical therapy methods for many patients. Therapy Personal Injury Physical Therapy Phoenixinvolves training techniques, strengthening and stretching exercises, joint mobilization, contrast baths, and/or supportive orthotics.


Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain


Back pain caused by auto accident injuries can be extremely debilitating for any person. The doctor may recommend physical therapy for back pain. The first step is to determine the exact cause of the pain. Once that is established a treatment plan can be initiated, which includes application of ice to reduce inflammation, posture training, and strengthening exercises.


Physical Therapy for Hip Pain


Some causes of hip pain may include poor posture, stress fractures, or obesity. Even infants and children may suffer from hip pain caused by dislocations. Many tests have to be conducted as pain in one area may come from injury in a totally different body region. After a thorough examination, the doctor and a physical therapist can come up with a treatment plan, which may include electrical stimulation, ultrasound therapy, and stretching exercises. It is also the therapist’s job to educate the patient about good posture and pain management.


How to Make Physical Therapy a Success


When meeting with the physical therapist, there are some things you can do to make the therapy a success and to speed up your recovery process. These include:


  • Ask questions to understand the injury you have sustained so that you know how to avoid it in the future. Realize the importance and need of the treatment plan he or she is recommending.
  • Follow the instructions given by the physical therapist carefully. Stick to your exercise regimen in the order and frequency assigned to you.
  • Don’t do anything extra or anything less. If you feel you are not making progress or that you are still in pain feel free to ask you physical therapist.


Normally, you should be seeing some improvement in your condition after a few weeks or months. The road to recovery may be slow, but it is a good idea to make every attempt to use physical therapy to your advantage, especially for work-related injuries and workers compensation claims.


USAN has assembled a Network of over 100 providers, imaging centers, surgery centers and physical therapy clinics providing treatment under a personal injury lien. After an auto accident, patients may need treatment from a pain doctor, orthopedic surgeon or chiropractor. These doctors may order physical therapy, imaging studies and USAN provides all of these under a personal injury lien.

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