Ophthalmology Treatment on Lien for Injured Patients in Phoenix AZ


Injuries to the eye can occur in a number of ways and are a common occurrence. The eye is a very delicate, sensitive organ. If not treated with immediate attention to the problem, there can be complications that may hamper eyesight long-term. In some cases, injury is severe and immediate surgery may be necessary to save sight or the eye.


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Preventing and treating eye injuries requires immediate consultation with a qualified ophthalmologist. This will allow the specialist to identify the condition and its severity accurately, and for proper first aid and primary care to be given to the injured party. The information gathered should answer four important questions:

  • How was the eye injured?
  • Did anything hit or enter the eye?
  • What was the patient doing while the incident occurred?
  • What immediate treatment was given?


Based on the information from these questions, along with a detailed examination, the doctors can form a quick plan of action to address the injury. The instrument which was responsible for the injury is important, to differentiate between whether it was blunt trauma or if there is a foreign particle in the eye following the trauma. This could occur from objects like broken glass or shards of wood.


Blunt Trauma to the Eye


If the trauma was caused by a fist (human trauma), the ophthalmologist will examine if there were any other objects worn like a chain or ring, which could have damaged the eyelid and the orbit of the eye further. Infection may result, in some cases, especially if it was a bite or metal that hit the eye. Depending on the details, antibiotics may be prescribed to ward off infection along with pain killers depending on the extent of the injury.


Foreign Body Eye Injuries


In case of foreign bodies in the eye, and if it is a substance like glass, which is nonreactive, the damage is usually less than in case where a chemical substance caused severe retinal damage to the eye. Pepper is an irritant which doesn’t result in severe injuries, but substances like Personal Injury Ophthalmologist Phoenixhydrochloric acid could result in loss of sight and severe scarring.


Corneal Injuries


When there is injury to the cornea of the eye, a local anesthesia may be used by the doctor. In some cases, this is caused by a finger insertion or other penetrating object, and this trauma can be quite painful to treat without an anesthetic being administered. Any injury where the object or trauma causing substance has entered the eye must be carefully examined by the ophthalmologist to take immediate steps to address it.


A shield may be used for the injured eye, and any use of eye pads is avoided as pressure on the eyes is to be kept low. Additionally, there may be a closed injury of the eye where the outwardly there is no damage but structures inside the eye have been damaged.


Perforation Eye Wounds


Perforation wounds are another type of injury where the object that caused the trauma enter and exit the eye, leaving clear paths. In case of lacerations to the eye, where there is full penetrative injury that has occurred, a suture is often necessary to treat it. Treatment of lacerations should be the first point that is addressed with antibiotic topical application of medication. If the lacerations involve the eyelid, a specialist such as a plastic surgeon may be necessary to do the suturing with precision to reduce the extent of scarring.

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