Imaging on a Personal Injury Lien in Phoenix AZ


Injury to the body is something that can have serious repercussions if not identified and addressed correctly. Today, we have numerous diagnostic testing measures, from X-rays to MRI, which are sophisticated imaging methods. Imaging techniques can save lives following trauma and injury. USAN offers imaging centers in Phoenix AZ that accept personal injury liens.


Whether it is a blow to the head or an accident while driving at work, identifying the extent of injury, tissue damage, internal bleeding, extent of injury, or penetration by a foreign object are important for treatment.Personal Injury Phoenix


Phoenix personal injury doctors use a variety of technology to understand the patient’s injury, extent of damage to a particular area, and what needs to be done to immediately address the problem at hand. An X-ray is the oldest method that has been developed and is still commonly used to identify if there is damage to the bone.


Ultrasound, MRI, and CT Technology


Ultrasounds can help the doctor look at the patient, especially if it is from a fall, to see if the extent of damage and determine if it requires further investigation through more sophisticated imaging techniques.

Phoenix Personal Injury Treatment

Invasive or non-invasive techniques may be recommended based on the extent of injury. If there is bleeding visualized on the imaging scan, or if massive tissue damage has occurred, there may be a need for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan or computed tomography (CT) scan. In brain injury, these tests allows for quick assessment of the injury.


CT Scans can also provide very specific bony information to see how bad a fracture is and to assist with preoperative planning.


These are methods that provide snapshot views of the brain, static images, but multiple images taken in quick succession or in different angles can be studied and compared to determine the extent of injury and damage to the brain.


Perfusion Imaging and Neuroimaging


Perfusion images, like Xenon CT and CT perfusion, are also available for offering insights into cerebral physiology in case of trauma due to injury. MRA,s short for magnetic resonance angiography, can be very helpful to assess vascular injury. MR technology is continually being investigated to provide invaluable Lien Medical Treatment Phoenixdata about brain pathophysiology and in investigation of brain and spinal injuries.


It is important to manage and predict better outcomes following trauma to the brain or body. Additionally in cases where there is a possible damage or bleeding internally in delicate organs, imaging techniques may involve internal exploration, which is invasive in nature.


After an auto accident, a medical provider may find it necessary to order several imaging studies for either diagnostic or preoperative purposes. It can be difficult to find imaging centers that accept personal injury liens for the studies.

USAN  has assembled a first rate Network of doctors and dentists accepting personal injury liens, along with a cadre of imaging centers and surgery centers accepting personal injury claims for treatment as well. This eliminates the patient from needing to do any leg work and keeps treatment streamlined.

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