Gynecology Treatment on Lien for the Injured Patient in Phoenix AZ


A genital injury in a female patient is any trauma to the genital area (clitoris, vagina, labia, and/or vulva) and the area between the legs called the perineum. These injuries may be very painful and cause a lot of bleeding. They can affect the reproductive organs, the bladder, and the urethra. The damage sustained from such injuries may be temporary or permanent.Gynecologist on Lien Phoenix


Pelvic injuries may be sustained as well. USAN offers gynecologists in Phoenix AZ accepting personal injury liens for treatment. In this way, the Phoenix personal injury gynecologists can help alleviate pain and repair or reconstruct injured anatomy when necessary.


Causes and Symptoms of Gynecology Injuries


The cause of genital injury in female patients may be the insertion of objects into the vagina. This may be caused by normal exploration of the body by girls below four years of age. Other causes may include rape, sexual abuse, and assault, or the patient may fall onto an object that injures the genitalia. Common objects like tissues, crayons, or buttons may cause these injuries. Symptoms of a gynecology injury may include:


  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Pelvic and/or abdominal pain
  • Genital pain
  • Bruising
  • Painful urination
  • Vaginal discharge


Treatment for Gynecology Injuries


The first measure the Phoenix personal injury gynecologist will take is to examine the affected area. If there is an object penetrating the genitalia or perineum, do not attempt to remove it on your own, as this may cause further damage. Instead, seek medical attention immediately. Apply pressure to control Personal Injury Gynecologist Phoenixbleeding. If there is vaginal bleeding, apply a clean cloth to the area, or apply cold compresses to reduce swelling.


During the gynecology exam, the doctor will guard the privacy of the patient while administering any treatment. The healthcare professionals will try to keep the patient calm, as she may have suffered trauma. Do not volunteer information or come to any assumptions by yourself, if you are injured.


Rather, if you suspect that the injury was a result of assault or abuse, do not allow the woman to change her clothes or take a bath. DNA samples may have to be collected from the patient for evidence in case of assault.


Urethral Injury Causes and Symptoms


Injuries in the urethra may lead to obstructions in the urethra or strictures which result in problems with the normal passage of urine. Urethral injuries can be caused by straddle-like injuries, such as when a child straddles a bicycle with force or a sits on a fence by force.


Penetrating injuries from a gunshot wound also may cause strictures. Pelvic fractures following automobile accidents, industrial crash injuries, or serious falls also can result in urethral trauma. The symptoms of a urethral injury include:Phoenix Gynecologist on Lien

  • Urinary frequency
  • Dribbling of urine
  • Nocturia (high frequency of urine during the night)
  • Weak or slow urine stream
  • Urinary retention


Treatment for a Urethral Injury


Treatment of urethral injuries can be complicated and depends on a number of factors, which include whether other injuries are present, the patient’s general health and the severity and location of injury. In some cases, surgery is recommended. However, generally, the treatment recommended is a simple procedure in which a catheter is placed in the bladder through the lower abdomen.


Once the healing process starts, the doctor can reassess the injury and come up with a treatment plan. Surgery for reconstruction may be recommended in the treatment plan, which usually has a high success rate and normal urethral function is restored.

Injuries caused by C-Section and other Surgical Procedures


Although cesarean deliveries are becoming common these days, there are several risks associated with these procedures. Bladder or ureter injuries may occur in cesarean deliveries or in gynecologic surgical procedures. The risk factors for cesarean related bladder injuries include:

  • Emergency delivery
  • Repeat delivery
  • Delivery after a protracted second stage of labor


Treatment of Surgery-Related Injuries


Corrective surgery is required to treat injuries that are related to c-section or gynecology surgery. Usually, the injuries are detected during the cesarean delivery and can be treated immediately. If they are not noticed immediately, then symptoms like abnormal bladder function may occur in the patient. A doctor should be consulted as soon as possible who may recommend surgery for the correction of injuries.


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