Phoenix Chiropractor Treatment on Lien for the Injured Patient


Chiropractic care involves treating the spinal, musculoskeletal, and neurological systems using a breadth of knowledge in biomechanics. Typically, chiropractors or doctors of chiropractic do not use surgery or medication to treat their patients, but are much more concerned with the body’s natural tendency to heal itself. This type of care is recommended to patients with injuries to the neck or back that do not warrant surgical treatment, or to patients who wish to heal in a natural way.


Chiropractors in Phoenix accepting personal injury liens offer several treatment options that can help patients avoid surgery and achieve pain relief. This can avoid chronic pain from setting in, while the Phoenix chiropractor accepting your lien for care will avoid the need to come out of pocket with anything!


Spinal Manipulation

Auto Accident Chiropractor

One of the most common practices Phoenix auto accident chiropractors use is the practice of spinal manipulation, which can also be called chiropractic adjustment. In this technique, chiropractors use forceful arm thrusts in order to realign vertebrae that are behaving abnormally. The goal of this treatment is to lessen what is called subluxation, which is the fractional irregular parting of the articular surfaces of the vertebrae.


By thrusting upwards on the spinal column, car accident chiropractors are able to release gases and tissue that have formed in between vertebrae causing patient discomfort. This usually happens after a trauma of some kind in which the spine was affected in some way. Spinal manipulation helps to improve mobility and flexibility of the spine and to restore it to its natural ability.


Usually, patients do not experience pain following chiropractic treatment, but it is possible that a patient experience mild discomfort immediately following treatment as the spine continues to realign itself. The pain should subside naturally within two days, but if it does not, the patient will need further diagnosis as there could be a more serious underlying injury.


Whiplash Treatment


One of the most common injuries treated by car accident chiropractors in Phoenix is whiplash. As defined by the America Chiropractic Association, whiplash is Accident Chiropractor Phoenixcharacterized by an injury to the neck caused by a sudden, unnatural jolting of the neck in one way or another, similar to the movement of a whip. This injury is common after motor vehicle accidents and other incidents.


When suffering from whiplash, patients are actually experiencing the spraining of the ligaments surrounding the joints of the neck. These ligaments can become torn after a sudden jolt of movement, resulting in a sprain. Additionally, the tendons and muscles are stretched out unnaturally as well, resulting in restricted movement and pain. In serious cases, the discs between the vertebrae can be herniated, causing even more problems within a patient’s neck.


Common symptoms of whiplash include pain and stiffness in the neck and headaches. Depending on the severity, patients can also experience dizziness, difficulty swallowing, nausea, and blurred vision. Whiplash symptoms may not develop immediately following an accident or trauma, so it is important to keep apprised of any alterations in pain or symptoms following the incident.


In order to treat whiplash, the patient is usually told to keep as active as possible because stretching the neck can help to heal it. However, the patient should consult a doctor in order to perform a stretching program that will be most beneficial in healing the sprains caused by injury. In other whiplash cases, it may be necessary to have chiropractic adjustments. Phoenix personal injury chiropractors will use ice, heat, and sometimes electrical stimulation combined with the benefits of spinal manipulation in order to realign the joints affected by the injury. This will give the patient much relief from pain.




Chiropractic treatment of injuries can be extremely beneficial to patients by using approaches that accentuate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. While this treatment is not recommended for all forms of injury, it can be helpful in mild strains of the back and neck area following any sort of trauma or incident. Patients should consult a physician following injury before using this treatment option.


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