Case Management

Case Management: The USAN Hands-On Approach to Injury


When caring for someone after a serious injury, the role requires multiple responsibilities and strengths. As educator, facilitator, and coordinator of the whole process, there are many tasks USAN undertakes to help you get better. Case management is provided with no extra fees being charged upfront to you by USAN – it’s simply part of what we offer. It is a service aimed to help people gain trust and recuperate better by knowing all the facts clearly.Psychologist on Lien Phoenix


In many scenarios, a case manager from USAN may be handling an incident where there is brain injury or spinal injury that has occurred on account of trauma. The person under the care should be above 18 years of age, and the patient must sign a release document, which allows the case manager access to act on their medical assessment and files as necessary.


USAN Case Managers work with People of all Ages


The case manager will also be privy to important information about the individual such as drug, alcohol related addictions if any, and co-existing mental health conditions. Based on these, a rehabilitation program, therapy may be recommended, which the patient should follow. The USAN Case Managers are not healthcare providers, they work with your providers as healthcare facilitators to make your life easier during the difficult post-accident time frame.



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A trauma case or injury case needs to be handled in a hands-on manner, and use of the right evaluation techniques can be important to saving the injured person’s life and returning that person to as close to the pre-injury state as possible. The case management involves continuous evaluation of the priorities at hand to decide what needs to be attended to immediately, what can wait, and what calls to make regarding their care and nourishment. A wrong step could be extremely damaging to the injured patient.


With case management, patient care is done on a daily basis by looking at every detail concerning the individual who is injured, how he or she is progressing, which measures will provide the best possible solutions. This is done in union with the patient and the medical team of health professionals.


The USAN Case Management Model


Case management with USAN is a model of care that is highly appreciated and can have important implications in one’s healthcare outcomes. It has been very important in reducing the long term outcome complications arising from injuries. This method of caring for the injured patient ensures that the many little details important in patient care are considered. This includes appointments that are timely, reminding the patient about those appointments, collecting medical records, etc.


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There is a daily review of the patient notes to identify any issues in managing the situation, and if there are conflicting instructions, those are addressed and looked into immediately. The USAN case management personnel are often negotiators involved in managing communication effectively between various medical staff, imaging and surgery centers, insurance companies and one’s personal injury attorney.


A lot of rapport building and people skills are important for doing the role of case management. As the interface between the medical team and the patient, the family, and the personnel, who are all involved, case management continually reassures everyone and keeps the interested parties updated and aware of how things stand.




The case manager with USAN acts as an advocate who is working for the patient during the entire post-injury period while the case is active. Thus, patient satisfaction is a critical factor in the role of the case manager in trauma and injury care. In addition, continuous education or training is provided to the staff and health practitioners, in order to keep them updated.

No one does this better than USAN. Your case will be facilitated in the best manner possible by experienced personnel who have been working with accident victims for many years. Call today, you’ll be thankful you did!