Arizona Doctor Network for Personal Injury Lien Care

For years, US Accident Network has been assisting injured patients to receive the top care needed in a timely fashion for achieving pain relief and help in a difficult time. The Arizona Doctor Network that USAN has assembled consists of over 100 providers, imaging centers and surgery centers accepting personal injury liens for ALL treatment.

If you or a loved one is a victim in an auto or motorcycle accident, any number of injuries may occur:

– Fractures/Amputations/Crush Injury- Soft tissue injury – Tendon, Ligament, Cartilage

– Herniated Disc

– Internal Organ Injury

– Arthritis Exacerbations

– Eye Injury

– Burns, Lacerations, Scars

– Brain Injury and/or Headaches

– Cardiac Condition/Exacerbation

– Injuries to the Mouth and Teeth

– Gynecologic damage

– Psychologic damage – PTSD, Emotional trauma

Thankfully, USAN has been “down the road” of helping patients with all of these conditions and has developed a “go to” Network of Personal Injury Providers, Imaging Centers, Surgery Centers, Pathologists – essentially any particular healthcare need that arises and needs to be treated under a personal injury lien.

Not only will you receive first rate care from doctors on liens in the greater Phoenix area, all of the ancillary services will also be covered under your personal injury claim. This will prevent large bills from coming to your house. And when questions arise, rest assured that USAN is available to you and your loved ones.

Coordinating doctor or dentist visits, imaging appointments and then accumulating your medical records is time consuming and worrisome.

Click to the right to read about potential injuries and treatments provided by the USAN Network Providers.

Let USAN coordinate it all with a tried and true Network of over 100 providers and Centers, Liens accepted!